**Summer 2024 Registration Opens February 15, 2024**
Weekly camp schedule and pricing coming soon. 


MAY 30-AUGUST 11, 2023

Ten fun-filled weeks of summer learning, exploration and games for ages 3-10.  Visit a new ecosystem each week and be emersed in STEM, geography, games and fun. By the end of summer, students will have gained knowledge of each of the different ecosystems. We will dive into God's wonderous creations each morning and spend our afternoons in advenuture and fun group activities.
Register for one week or the whole summer.



9am - 3:00pm



7am - 5:45pm


A $20 deposit, per week, is due at time of registration.
Payment for each camp is due 1 week prior to camp beginning.
**Children must be three years old and potty trained prior to camp.**

Week 1: May 30-June 2
Adventure Team

Let’s build our adventure teams, learn about each of our campers and prepare for our ecosystem expedition by taking a look at our ecosystem right here in Missouri. We’ll take a hike, build a bottle ecosystem and learn about native animals through STEAM activities.

Week 2: June 5-9
VBS + 1/2 Day Camp - Freshwater Fun

Each morning campers will participate in King of Kings annual VBS, a free community event from 9a-11a. After VBS, campers will transition downstairs for lunch and jump into learning about frogs, birds and fish, plus splashing-fun water activities. This special week of camp releases at the normal 3pm release.  *Pro-rated at $100/week

Week 3: June 12-16
Mountain Rangers

We are climbing the highest mountain at camp this week. Explore how mountains are formed, build a volcano (watch out for the lava!), bravely study big bears and participate in a variety of mountain-themed STEAM activities.

Week 4: June 19-23
Jungle Adventure

Monkey see, monkey do as we uncover all the animals living in the rainforest. Learn about layers of the rainforest, unique plants and animals, and even create our own rain stick. STEAM activities abound in the jungle.

Week 5: June 26-30
Deep Sea Divers

Take a plunge into the deep blue ocean to discover the world’s largest ecosystem and all the marine life it holds. From whales and sharks to turtles and jellyfish, campers will love all the STEAM fun we have planned with sensory tables, ocean slime and salt-water experiments.

Week 6: July 10-14
Desert Discovery

It’s a hot one out there! Identify animals, insects, reptiles and plants that live in deserts around the world. Campers get their hands in the sand participating in desert-themed STEAM activities and crafts. 

Week 7: July 17-21
Polar Expedition

We are headed to the coldest place on earth this week as we explore the Artic. Learn about polar bears, penguins and glaciers… oh my! Get chilly as we build an igloo, make snow, paint ice and take an adventure in the polar tundra.

Week 8: July 24-28
Lost in Space

Buckle up astronauts – we are headed to outer space. 3-2-1… blast off! Explore the stars and planets, eat astronaut ice cream, build a rocket and discover space through lots of STEAM activities and games.

Week 9: July 31-August 4
Wild, Wild Wetland

Crocodiles, alligators, reptiles and more… we are in for some soggy, swampy fun! Build an obstacle course, design a boat and join us for the duck races. Swamp-themed STEAM activities and games are lined up for all our campers.

Week 10: August 7-11
Adventure Challenge

Our final week of camp is a world-wide adventure challenge. Campers will learn about the Olympics, host a parade, participate in fun competitions, and plan for an end-of-summer adventurer field day.