What type of security do you have?

King of Kings Lutheran Church maintains strict security throughout the building. All doors are locked during the day and multiple cameras are placed at each entrance and throughout the building. Visitors must “buzz in” and state their business prior to access. Only ELC staff, church staff and a limited number of dedicated church volunteers have access keys to the building.

KOK ELC has an emergency plan that includes regular safety drills for fire, tornado, and intruders. All staff carry two-way radios to communicate with each other throughout the property.

What are staff hiring requirements?

All staff are registered with Missouri's Family Care Safety Registry and go through extensive annual background screening with the Division of Child Services. Additionally, the entire ELC staff are licensed in CPR and first-aid every two years and are vaccinated, per health department regulations.

What learning curriculum do you follow?

Our teachers plan daily lessons to meet Missouri Department of Education’s standards and early learning standards. We utilize The Letter People Language Arts curriculum – a pre-reading, phonics-based literacy program, designed to introduce children to the alphabet, phonological sounds and letter-sound correspondence. Children explore math, social studies, science, and music within this series. For writing and kindergarten readiness, the "Get Set for School" curriculum is incorporated to promote coloring, counting, and writing.

How will I know if my child is progressing?

Teachers observe students regularly and use the Desired Results Development Profile (DRDP) assessment. Results are shared with parents during conferences each semester to ensure each child is becoming kindergarten-ready.

Are visitors allowed?

Parents and visitors are allowed into the building for tours, conferences and special occasions. All those entering the building will be required to sign in/out and should enter through the Early Learning Center door on the lower-east side of the building.

How do you accommodate food allergies?

All teachers and aides at the ELC will be notified of a child’s food allergy and it will be posted in each classroom. Because food is sent from home, we ask that all parents avoid nut/peanut butter.

My child has special needs. Can she attend the ELC?

Yes, we accept students with a variety of special needs and abilities. We work with children with early IEPs, children that are accompanied by a para and others. Each child is unique and our teachers meet each student where they are in their journey. Our ELC Director and teacher will partner with you to fully understand your child’s needs and outline a plan.

Does my child have to nap?

Full Day students have rest time each afternoon after lunch and recess. Children have the option to read a book or listen to a story, while resting in their own space. If a child does fall asleep during this time, we will not wake them until rest time is over.


Still have questions?

Reach out to our ELC Director, Joan Skare at 816-436-3864. She will greet you with a warm, friendly smile and happily answer all of your questions.